Thought Creativity

"Creativity as a result of wisdom, sophistication and foresight
igniting people’s finest talents and dreams"

Crafting a new Myth

Fear does not make you avoid death; it makes you avoid life! And by avoiding fear you also avoid your dreams. This is how a real story, I am about to tell you, begins. I am comfortably seated in a...

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How investments make history

For some people, it’s just a “must have brief note” in their balance sheet. For others, it is another -more or less important- way to achieve better sales. But, for very few people it is the basic in...

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Communication as a launcher of growth

While this may be an opinion that may initially sound extreme all the way through to outright provocative, there has never been a time historically when development, investment, beneficial bilateral ...

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Political “CRISES”

Crisis. A word that has been demonized and probably rightly so as it contains 8 concepts or notions spanning opinion, point of view, decision making, criticism, evaluation, trial, risk and opportunit...

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Communication and love brands in 2030

Looking ahead to 2030, how organizations and brands communicate will have a stronger, more direct connection to their own reputation. In turn, their reputation will be inherently dependent on the rep...

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